Drytex Non Odor


Drytex Non Odor is an innovative 100% poliacrylonitrile yarn using a number of patented polymers to neutralize bad odor derived from acids produced in sweat, such as ammonia, among others.
Non Odor Yarn

This product deodorized body odor by chemical neutralization and ion exchange, converter these acids to other products that have non odor. Such acids adhere to the functional group through its fibers, but they don’t lose their active ingredients. It has excellent durability.


Non Odor Laboratory Analysis and Test

Two methods are used to determine the effect of removal of removal of such acids:

  1. Test sweat deodorant performance
    Methods used

    • Detector tube method
    • Gas chromatography method
    • To wash, the method used it’s the JIS-0217- 103repeated 10 times.
    • The detergent used is industry standard product.

    2. Qualitative test of sweat deodorization.
    Perform sensory analysis and measuring device for each fragant component (ammonium acid, acetic acid and isovaleric acid) at 0 washes to 10 washes.


Non Odor Results

  1. Methods using devices:
    – The rate of reduction of components related to the odor must be greater than 70%. As can be seen all acids meet the requirement.
  2. Sensory methods:
    – 5 different people determine that the odor is below the minimum considered odor intensity 2.0
    – Being a qualitative criterion method, we challenge you that make your own test.


  • Thermal clothing.
  • Sports shirts.
  • Polo shirts.
  • Underwear.
  • Sports socks.
  • Classic executive socks.
  • Socks for work clothes.
  • Fabrics for hospitals.
  • Bed sheets.
  • Cover for mattress.